Tuesday 21 July 2009

a dream ...

I had a dream, and in that dream, I was given a message:

This is a message for the people of Today in this Land. The young people today are killing themselves because they don't know how to survive. They have turned away from the advice and customs of their forefathers which have been proven over many generations, and are killing themselves and dying in their ignorance.

The people of today are lost. They have traded the robust and tested ways of their forefathers with ways that lead to destruction. Around us we see young people destroying their lives with things that satisfy for an instant but leave them devastated for years. They don’t know the difference between love and lust. They don’t understand why they are emotionally broken. The “prophets” of today on our TV screens promote a morality that has no foundation: “it’s only a sin if you get caught”, “I know better than anyone else”, and “it’s mine because I’m bigger than you”.

O children of the 21st century ––– re-discover the ways of your great-grandmother. Do not be satisfied with the ways of those around you but stand firm for what you know deep in your heart to be right. You do not need to follow the crowd blindly like sheep, nor continue along the path to destruction. But instead, find the crossroads - seek it and you will find it. Change to the path that leads to life, which your forefathers understood, but this generation has rejected.

The God Who Created You has planned a joyful and exciting life for each person. The young people have believed lies in the media, lies about themselves and God which will cut short this joyful and exciting life. Listen again to the advice of your grandparents and those before them because they knew how to survive.