Tuesday 28 October 2014

Scaffolding around the cake

It's become a bit of a tradition - many years ago, I built some Lego "scaffolding" around my son's birthday cake. This year, he wanted the same thing.

I wasn't content to just have scaffolding, so I built the scaffolding under construction, and their truck as well, complete with boxes for putting their various connectors and bits in. Being a tidy bunch of workers, of course they have a dustbin and some traffic cones.

They also had a go at installing some candles. Unfortunately, when I arrived to take photos, they were on their tea break.

Friday 24 October 2014


A thousand and one tons, metal wheels squeaking on metal rails bending under the weight - freight from the world to the people, people visiting people, tank trains full of fluid cement or oil. The points change, another steel snake slithers slowly over the junction to a destination unknown. The boy in the window watches, wondering, enraptured by the sound, the sight, the smell. Bright colours smeared in the grime of the city. The burning odour of brakes, the morning odour of sweaty gents packed tight into a commuter train, occasionally punctured by strong perfume. Busy people busily reading, tapping their work into their phones so early in the day - and I am one of them but chanced to look up, look out, at the fascinating world around me, and watched like the boy in the window.

21 October 2014 - on the morning commute