Friday, 11 December 2009

OpenOffice and Mac Book Pro

I am pleasantly surprised by OpenOffice (having tried it a few years ago when it wasn't so good). But the pinch-zoom thing on the MacBook Pro (zooming with two fingers on the trackpad) really annoys me. It's hypersensitive in OpenOffice Writer, zooms to miniscule or gigantic when I don't want to, and isn't easy to control. But Mac OS Leopard doesn't let you switch the feature off!

This guy wrote a patch that fixes the problem... and as a bonus it ONLY disables pinch-zoom for OpenOffice (the other apps still support pinch-zoom). Different versions are available to disable it in different apps. Installing it may require certain geek access to scary bits of Mac OS, but it's solved the zoom problem and made my day :-)

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