Saturday, 20 June 2015

Minecraft colours (dyes)

In the game Minecraft (official site here), it is possible to use dyes to colour various things, including wool, clay and glass. Some dyes are derived from plants, some are derived from other materials, and some dyes need to be mixed. All the information that anyone is ever likely to need concerning dyes is already available online but I wanted a handy reference in the game so I could quickly create a particular dye.

I put the "recipes" for each dye into a chest:

for "Crafted dyes", any item above the dye can be used to make that dye (note that there are three options for Rose Red and Light Gray, and only one for Light Blue and Orange). On the right, the furnace indicates that the cactus must be baked (in the furnace) to create Cactus Green.

for "Mixed dyes", the dye in the bottom row is made by combining the two items directly above it. The three on the right are the dyes that don't need to be crafted.

These two chests reside in a little shop in my town in the game - so if I need a dye, I can go there and grab one, and I have a handy in-game reminder of how the dye is made.

For reference, here is a bullet list, ordered depending on how the dye is made.

Crafted dyes (place the item on any cell of a crafting grid to make the dye)

  • Bonemeal (white dye) - from bones
  • Rose Red - from poppy, red tulip, or rose bush
  • Light Gray Dye - from an Azure Bluet, Oxeye daisy, or White Tulip
  • Pink Dye - from a Peony or Pink Tulip (also mixed)
  • Dandelion Yellow - from a Dandelion or Sunflower
  • Light Blue Dye - from a Blue Orchid
  • Magenta Dye - from a Lilac or Allium
  • Orange Dye - from an Orange Tulip (also mixed)

Baked dyes (cook in a furnace)

  • Cactus Green

Mixed dyes (place ingredients on the crafting grid to make the dye)

  • Purple Dye - Rose Red + Lapis Lazuli
  • Cyan Dye - Cactus Green + Lapis Lazuli
  • Gray Dye - Ink Sac + Bone Meal
  • Pink Dye - Rose Red + Bonemeal - also from peony or tulip
  • Magenta Dye - Pink Dye _ Purple Dye (or Bonemeal + Lapis Lazuli + 2x Rose Red)
  • Lime Dye - Cactus Green + Bone Meal
  • Orange Dye - Rose Red + Dandelion Yellow - also from tulip
Other dyes (no crafting needed)

  • Black - Ink Sac - kill a squid
  • Cocoa Beans - found in dungeons or on jungle trees
  • Lapis Lazuli - mined from Lapis Lazuli ore

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  1. Updated to include Magenta in the mixed dyes. There are lots of ways of making Magenta ...