Thursday 26 May 2016

Tin Overlords are here

Yesterday I blogged about what work is going to look like in future, as robots start to take over.

I must correct myself. This isn't the state of work in the future. It is now.

Several articles in the news caught my attention: the first concerns a problem with unskilled workers who are demanding a minimum wage of $15/hr - they are pricing themselves out of the job market and are likely to be replaced by a Japanese robot. Do read the comments at the foot of the article - lots of commenters appear to have understood the real issue here.

The second relates to that popular thing of driverless vehicles. Volvo is pioneering its technology inside the mining industry - where there is the most to gain from driverless vehicles in terms of better human safety. But Volvo is also working towards driverless cars on the roads. In five years' time, we should expect every new car has some form of automated driver mode built in. And by the time I'm old and grey, my grandchildren may well say "I can't believe that people used to drive a car. It's so dangerous!" 

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