Friday, 25 December 2015

The Nativity

You can't buy a nativity scene from Lego but you can make one.

(Thanks to Marlena for the photo).

I am not the first to make a Lego Nativity scene. Others have paved the way for me, in "minifig" scale (the ubiquitous smiling Lego men) and in the larger "miniland" scale that is used throughout the Legoland, and in other scales.

I didn't have time to present a new character every day throughout December. So I craftily arranged to bring out a few characters each Advent Sunday - starting with one sheep ... then a shepherd with some more sheep ... then the Wise Men, and finally the Holy Family. The picture above was taken on Christmas Eve, and the picture below was taken a few days before.

The idea for Joseph came from here:
Plans for making the camel, the wise men, sheep and shepherd came from here:
Inspiration for Mary and Baby Jesus came from here:
and I found an angel here:

Happy Christmas.

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